Lesson 8 – Family and Friends

Leçon 8 – Family and Friends


Let’s meet the members of your family!

Father Un père

Mother Une mère

BrotherUn frère

SisterUne soeur

SonUn fils

DaughterUne fille

HusbandUn mari

WifeUne femme

GrandfatherUn grandpère

GrandmotherUne grandmère

GrandsonUn petitfils

GranddaughterUne petitefille

Cousin (male)Un cousin

Cousin (female)Une cousine

UncleUn oncle

AuntUne tante

NephewUn neveu

NieceUne nièce

Additional Vocabulary

Stepfatherun beau-père

Stepmotherune belle-mère

Stepbrother/Brother in lawun beau-frère

Stepsister/Sister in lawune belle-soeur

Half brotherun demi-frère (demi pronounced deh-mi)

Half sisterune demi-soeur


Boy – un garçon 

Girl – une fille

Friend (male) – un ami ; un copain

Friend (female) – une amie ; une copine

Gentleman – un monsieur

Lady – une madame (it’s actually dame, but there is no sound file for dame.)

Amis et Copains

Young French people, just like young American people, enjoy spending time with their friends. They refer to their friends as un ami (for a boy), and une amie (for a girl), or – more commonly – as un copain (boy) or une copine (girl).

Note that the words copaincopine can also have special meanings. When a boy talks about une copine, he is referring to a friend who is a girl. However, when he says ma (my) copine, he is referring to his girlfriend. Similarly, a girl would call her boyfriend mon copain.

All sound files courtesy of french.about.com!


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