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Dans Vs. En

Dans vs. En*

There is a lot of confusion with these two French prepositions. Both mean “in” yet are not interchangeable with each other.

Uses of Dans

  • Places
    • Ma mère est dans la maison. – My mother is in the house.
  • Time (Future action)
    • Il vient dans deux jours. – He is coming in two days.
  • Inside of
    • Le pull est dans le tiroir. – The sweater is in the drawer.
  • Approximation/Estimate
    • Il est dans le 20 ans. – He is in his 20s.
  • Direction through/across
    • Nous avancions dans le niege. – We’re going forward in the snow. (Or even, what I’d prefer to say: We are moving through the snow.)

Uses of En

  • En + Noun
    • En hiver – In winter.
  • Time duration
    • J’ai un rendez-vous en 30 minutes. – I have an appointment in 30 minutes.
  • Material
    • Ce collier est en – This necklace is gold.
  • Country (Feminine or beginning with a vowel)
    • Je vis en – I live in France.
      • France here is feminine. If I were to say that I live in England, which is masculine, I would still say : Je vis en Angleterre.
    • Before a word ending in –ing
      • Elle est partie en – She left smiling.

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