French Idioms Lesson 4

Here is your quatrième lesson in French idioms!

Oh la vache !

Idiomatic meaning: “Holy cow!” or even “Oh my God!”

Literal meaning: “Oh the cow!”

Here’s how you can use it:

Oh la vache! Il fait vraiment mauvais dehors!

Oh my God! It’s really ugly outside!

Oh la vache! Ce travail est vraiment difficile!

French Idioms Lesson 3

Here is your troisième lesson in idioms!

Avoir une peur bleue

Idiomatic meaning: To be terrified

Literal meaning: To have a blue fear.

A blue fear is an intense fear. You may actually even call it more of a terror than a fear.


Here’s how you can use it:

Il a une peur bleue des araignées.

He is extremely scared of spiders.


Tu m’as fait une peur bleue.

You scared the crap/hell out of me.


French Idioms Lesson 1

Just as learning verbs, nouns, vocabulary, etc. is important to learning a new language, so is learning idiomatic expressions whose meanings cannot be translated literally. In addition to my weekly posts, I will be sharing an idioms post every week, for as many as I can find. 🙂 Let me know if you’d prefer one idiom per post, or two.

Ils étaient sur les dents

Idiomatic meaning: They were under great pressure.

Literal meaning: They were on their teeth.