How to use ‘Chez’

If you’re new to learning French, you may have read sentences in your textbooks that use the word “chez”. It’s a very common word – a preposition – used in everyday speech, and it has two meanings.

Literal meaning: Chez is used to indicate a destination or a physical location. In this case it means:

  • At/To the house of:
    • Chez ma tante – At/To my aunt’s house
    • Charlotte est allée chez sa tante.
  • At/To the shop of:
    • Chez le coiffeur – At/To the hairdresser
    • Il est temps d’aller chez le coiffeur.
  • At/To the office of:
    • Chez le médecin – At/To the doctor’s (office)
    • Je vais chez le docteur.

Figurative meaning: Chez can also be used to indicate a particular group, a person’s character or style, or a period in time.

  • Among/For/In
    • Chez les jeunes – Among young people
    • Chez les romains – In Roman times
    • C’est une qualité chez lui – It’s a quality in him
  • In the work of
    • Chez Voltaire – In Voltaire’s work

Have a wonderful week, everyone!

A bientôt !



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