How to Ask a Question

How to ask a question in French? There are a few different ways to do so, and they’re quite easy!

Est-ce que is a fairly common way the French ask a question. In English this would roughly translate to “do you”. Est-ce que + subject:

  • Est-ce que tu jouer le piano ?
  • Do you play the piano?

Inversion is a popular way to ask a question. Inversion is when the verb and subject are in reverse order, separated by a hyphen.

  • Aimes-tu les chats ?
  • Do you like cats?

Simple and informal context, you can ask a question by simply adding a question mark or intonation to a sentence.

  • Tu as faim ?
  • Are you hungry?

Then there are the words we naturally use with intonation: who, what, where, when, why, etc.

  • Who – Qui
    • Qui est cet homme ? – Who is that man?
  • What – Que/Qu’
    • Que savons-nous ? – What do we know?
  • Where – Où
    • Où est la gare ? – Where is the train station?
  • Why – Pourquoi
    • Pourquoi vous avez fait ça ? – Why did you do that?
  • When – Quand
    • Quand tu pars pour les vacances ? – When do you leave for holiday/vacation?
  • How – Comment
    • Comment vas-tu ? – How are you?
  • How many/much – Combien
    • Combien pour ce chapeau ? – How much for this hat?

Bonne année, tout le monde ! First post of the new year, and I’m hoping to improve the content of this blog. I’ve had a couple of failed weekly supplements to the blog (word of the day, idioms), and I would like to know what extra things you’d like to see here, if anything. 🙂 Word of the week? Idioms every 2 weeks?

A bientôt !



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