Verbs Conjugated With Etre

As we all know, there are verbs in French that are conjugated with avoir and être. Most verbs are conjugated with avoir, but there are a select few verbs that get conjugated with être, and for some it’s difficult to remember which ones get conjugated with être. These verbs are motion verbs, with the exception of the verbs “marcher” (to walk), and “quitter” (to leave/abandon).

If anyone reading this has ever taken a formal French class, you may have heard your professor speak of the acronym to help you remember which verbs get conjugated with être; this acronym is DR MRS VANDERTRAMP. If you’ve never heard of this, then here it is!

Devenir – to become

Revenir – to return/come back

Monter – to climb/go up/ascend

Rentrer – to return/re-enter/go home/go back

Sortir – to go out/go/leave/exit

Venir – to come/come along

Arriver – to arrive/turn up/show up

Naître – to be born/arise

Descendre – to descend/go down/move down/dismount

Entrer – to enter/go in/come in

Retourner – to return/go back/come back

Tomber – to fall/tumble/topple

Rester – to stay/remain

Aller – to go

Mourir – to die/pass away/perish

Partir – to leave/depart/head out/take off

Last post of the year! I wish you all the best as we all wrap up 2016. I will see you all in the new year with new weekly posts!

A la prochaine !


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