14 juillet 2016

Dear Readers & Guests,

Normally I would make a post for France’s national holiday – 14 juillet – or Bastille Day. Bastille Day fell on a Thursday this year – my weekly posting day. Would have been perfect! However, after the horrific events that took place that day in Nice, I could not bring myself to post. It felt wrong.

I’ve been trying to process all that has been happening. Not just the tragedy in Nice, but the tragedies that are unfolding everywhere in the world. It seems lately that there are new tragic events that happen almost daily. My heart is so heavy.

Please feel free to discuss in the comments. Any comments with hateful messages will not be approved.



3 thoughts on “14 juillet 2016

  1. I think we should all continue to live and to learn and to work and to dream and to hope because the alternative is unthinkable.
    I also see a tipping point coming soon, where we make our democratic voices heard in the corridors of power and decide to make our futures safer and stronger together

    • I cannot agree more! We all belong to this world, we should all get along.

      Every time there is a tragedy, my city holds a gathering. I go to as many as I can. There are too many reasons now to have these gatherings. 😦 Sigh.

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