Dear Language Students…

Dear Language Students…


We know when you use online translators!

Fun fact: I was looking over a dissertation from one of the students I was tutoring who was in 3rd year high school French. It was a topic I didn’t know about, so I did my own research before diving into her essay. I read her essay, and it’s gibberish, some word-for-word translations, all from the English Wikipedia article I had just read. She copy/pasted the entire article into Google translate and tried to hand it in. I had her redo the entire thing.

Moral of the story: Your language teachers know.

À bientôt!



4 thoughts on “Dear Language Students…

  1. Yes, my last French tutor (prior to me turning to you because I have no time for college!) regarded all translation apps as the very devil.

    I only ever go online for the odd word I can’t find in my compact Larousse; usually obscure building terms. However, I must be beginning to get my head around French language as I have seen a couple of googletranslated emails sent by English friends to French contacts and even I know that they are WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!

    In my opinion, both knowledge of the culture and the actual on- the- ground everyday use of words is as important as what you might find in any supposed translation facility

    • I could not agree more! And your former tutor was right, they are that bad! If I am absolutely desperate to find a word that neither of my dictionaries has, I will turn to Google translate, but that’s very very rarely.

      That is wonderful to hear! I’m so glad and proud of you that you are recognising good and proper French!

      Exactly, you are so right about that.

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