Lesson 23 – Interrogative Question Structure

Interrogative Question Structure

The structure of a question when using interrogative terms, the term is placed at the beginning of the statement, transforming it into a question.

Interrogative Term


Combien (how much) Combien pèses-tu? (How much do you weight?)
Combien de (how many, how much) Combien d’enfants a-t-elle? (How many children does she have?)
Comment (how) Comment vas-tu? (How are you?)
Où (where) Où vas-tu maintenant? (Where are you going now?)

D’où viens-tu? (Where are you from?)

Pourquoi (why) Pourquoi as-tu fait ça? (Why did you do that?)
Quand (when) Quand est-ce qu’ils vont arriver? (When are they going to arrive?)
Quel(le) (what/which) Quelle heure est-il? (What time is it?)
Qui (who/whom – as objects) Qui rencontres-tu à l’aéroport? (Who are you meeting at the airport?)
Quoi** (what) Tu vas porter quoi ce soir? (What are you wearing tonight?)

**Quoi is a little different from the other interrogative pronouns because it never begins a statement but rather it follows the verb.

À quoi (to what) À quoi penses-tu? (What are you thinking about?)
De quoi (about what) De quoi parles-tu? (What are you talking about?)


Have a great week, everyone!

À bientȏt!


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