Parlez-vous Franglais?

I came across this funny article written in Franglais! In case you don’t know what Franglais is, it’s a mesh of both French and Anglais (English). If you have a grasp of even basic French, this article will be an easy read. 🙂

Je ne peux plus spell words anymore, knowing deux langues has really messed up my spell checking abilities. Est-ce-qu’on dit “centre” or “center”, I never know anymore. — I relate so well to this statement! Anyone else have this problem as well?

Happy reading!



2 thoughts on “Parlez-vous Franglais?

  1. Man, can I relate to that… For perspective: I scored in the top 1 percentile for language on the grad school admission exams, which means that I have a comparatively large vocabulary and excellent spelling–or used to. (More perspective: my math and logic scores STANK. I’m not smart–I just read a lot.) Now I can’t seem to spell anything in either French OR English anymore–c’est chiant! It would be nice to be able to not write like an idiot in at least ONE of them! No dice, though.

    • That’s great, congratulations on that! I know exactly how you feel. I’ve lost the ability to spell in both English and French. I accidentally wrote a French word in a message on my friend’s bridal shower card, and she still laughs at me for that. It’s been 8 years. 🙂

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