Les Opposés

Here are some sentences where we compare opposites using various words.

  • J’aime le poisson et les frites / Je n’aime ni le poisson ni les frites — I like fish and fries / I don’t like neither fish nor fries
  • J’aime quelqu’un / Je n’aime personne — I like someone / I don’t like anybody 
  • Je vois quelque chose / Je ne vois rien — I see something / I see nothing
  • Je travaille encore / Je ne travaille plus — I am still working / I am not working anymore
  • Je vais quelque part / Je ne vais nulle part — I am going somewhere / I am not going anywhere
  • Il est arrivé quelque choseRien n’est arrivé — Something is happening / Nothing is happening
  • Il est déjà parti / Il n’est pas encore parti — He already left / He still has not left
  • Tout le monde a parlé / Personne n‘a parlé — Everyone said / No one said
  • Moi aussi / Moi non plus — Me too / Me neither


Thank you for reading, and sorry this is such a short post this week. I have been having an off week with illness and injury, but I am working on a requested post for next week.

Have a great week, and see you all later!

Merci à vous !



7 thoughts on “Opposites

  1. OK, here’s one for you to add! I just now needed to write “me, neither.” “Me, too” is moi aussi, right? Would “me, neither” be moi non plus? And, if so, would you pronounce the “s” of “plus”?

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