Verbs – Aller

Verbs – Aller

The verb aller is an idiomatic verb, which is one of many verbs that are frequently used which are extremely useful and require special discussion. Here is a refresher of aller.

Aller – to go

Aller is very important as the verb used for greeting and inquiring about one’s health.

  • Comment allez-vous ? – [How go you ?] – How are you?
  • Comment ça va ? – [How it goes ?] – How are you? (Colloquially – What’s up?)
  • Ça va. – [It goes.] – Fine./OK.
  • Je vais très bien, merci. – [I go very well, thanks.] – I’m very well, thank you.

Here are some more expressions which use aller.

  • Nous allons à pied. – [aller à pied – to walk; literally to go on foot] – We walk.
  • Cette robe vous va bien. – [This dress goes you well.] – This dress looks well on you.
  • Allons donc ! – [Let’s go then!] – Come now!
  • Ça va sans dire. – That goes without saying.

Aller + infinitive is also a way to express the future.

  • Je vais à Paris. – I’m going to Paris.
  • Ils ne vont pas commencer jusqu’à mon retour. – They are not going to start until I come back.

As always, please feel free to make any requests in the comment box!

Merci à vous ! A bientôt !



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