Lesson 17 – The Conditional Tense

Leçon 17 – The Conditional Tense – Le Conditionnel

The conditional expresses what might happen or what would happen if certain conditions existed. It is formed by adding the endings of the imperfect tense to the infinitive.


  • je parlerais
  • tu parlerais
  • il/elle/on parlerait
  • nous parlerions
  • vous parleriez
  • ils/elles parleraient


  • je finirais
  • tu finirais
  • il/elle/on finnirait
  • nous parlerions
  • vous finiriez
  • ils/elles finiraient


  • je rendrais
  • tu rendrais
  • il/elle/on rendrait
  • nous rendrions
  • vous rendriez
  • ils/elles rendraient


  • je serais
  • tu serais
  • il/elle/on serait
  • nous serions
  • vous seriez
  • ils/elles seraient


The same spelling changes that appear in the future tense appear in the conditional.

  • acheter – j’achèterais
  • appeler – j’appellerais
  • préférer – je préférerais


The conditional of il faut is il faudrait. The conditional of il y a is il y aurait.

The conditional tense is the equivalent of English would + verb. It must not be confused with the use of would to describe a repeated action in the past, which is the imperfect (l’imparfait).

  • On allait à la plage tous les jours quand on était petits.
  • We would go to the beach everyday when we were kids.


That is all for this week. Please let me know if there is anything you would like to see here. I do take requests!

Merci à vous !


6 thoughts on “Lesson 17 – The Conditional Tense

    • Thank you so much! Comments like yours are the reason that drive me to keep doing this. 🙂 That is perfect, keep up the good work! And please, let me know if there is anything you would like to see here.


      • Just more of the same please!
        One thing I would like is an explanation about is the French translation of “it”.
        For example,” I bought this new table, it’s really old”
        or “it’s difficult for us to practice French in the UK”
        “Here it is”
        In some scenarios the masculine/feminine definite article is used, in others “ce” or “c’est” etc is used. I am totally confused!

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