Lesson 10 – Asking Someone’s Age

Leçon 10 – Asking Someone’s Age

In French, asking someone’s age, or even telling someone your age is quite different from the way English speakers do.

In English, you would say, “I am twenty years old.” In French, you would say, “J’ai vingt ans.” This literally translates to, “I have twenty years.” Although years old may be left out in English, the word ans must be used in French when talking about someone’s age.

Of course with French there is a formal way and an informal way to ask someone’s age, and the verb avoir must agree with the subject (je, tu, il/elle/on, nous, vous, ils/elles). Refer to the previous post on how to conjugate this avoir.

Quel âge avez-vous ?

Quel âge as-tu ?

First person singular response (je) :

  • J’ai vingt cinq ans. – I am twenty five years old.

Asking how old third person singular subject (il/elle/on) :

  • Quel âge a Stéphanie ? – How old is Stephanie?
  • Quel âge a Philippe ? – How old is Philippe ?

Asking how old we are (nous) :

  • Quel âge avons-nous ? – How old are we?

Asking how old they are (ils/elles) :

  • Quel âge ont-ils/elles ? – How old are they (boys/girls/mixed group – meaning is the same)
  • Quel âge ont les hommes ? – How old are the men?
  • Quel âge ont les femmes ? – How old are the women?
  • Quel âge ont Elisabeth et Marie ? – How old are Elizabeth and Marie?
  • Quel âge ont Jean et Michael ? – How old are Jean and Michael?
  • Quel âge ont Caroline et Robert ? – How old are Caroline and Robert?

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