Grammar – Nasal Vowels

Grammar – Nasal Vowels

In French, there are 5 nasal vowel sounds. The best way to describe how to make these sounds is to say them in the back of the throat.

Here are your nasal vowels:


en – listen to this sound file of en bas, and try to hear the en.

in – hear the word Americain being spoken, and listen for the in at the end.



Remember! The N is never pronounced

Let’s listen to some words with nasal vowels in them.

ans   tante   français   quarante

trente   comment   Henri   Laurent

cinq   quinze   vingt   vin

non   bonjour   oncle   glaçon

(There aren’t any words with a nasal un in them. Correct me if I’m wrong, please!)

Sound files courtesy of!


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