Lesson 6 – Communication

Leçon 6 – Communication

La politesse

Expressions of politeness are always appreciated. The following are the French expressions for please, thank you, and you’re welcome.


  • s’il vous plaît – formal
  • s’il te plaît – informal

Thank you

  • Merci (mostly followed by the person’s name or Madame/Monsieur) – formal & informal

You’re welcome

  • Je vous en prie – formal 
  • Je t’en prie – informal
  • De rien – informal

How to ask people how they feel

  • Ça va? – How are you? / How are things going? / How’s everything?
  • Ça va! – (I’m) fine. / (I’m) okay. / Everything’s alright.

Ça va…

  • très bien – very well
  • bien – well/good
  • comme ci, comme ça – so so
  • mal – bad
  • très mal – very bad

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