Lesson 1 – L’alphabet

Leçon 1 – L’alphabet

One must learn the alphabet and its pronunciation if they want to properly learn French!

So here we go. Allons-y !

(Letter – Pronunciation)

A – ah

B – bé (or, bay)

C – cé (or, say)

D – dé (or, day)

E – uh (or imagine getting punched in the stomach, the sound you make would probably sound like the French E)

F – eff

G – gé (or, jay, zhay)*

H – ahh-shh

I – ee (like the double E in bee)

J – ji (or, gee)*

K – ka

L – elle/el

M – emme/em

N – enne/en

O – oh (it’s a short O sound)

P – pé (or, pay)

Q – ku/koo

R – erre (or, air)

S – esse/es

T – té (or, tay)

U – oo

V – vé (or, vay)

W – double vé (doo-bl-uh vay)

X – eeks

Y – i grec (ee grek)

Z – zède/zed

(*Funny thing I observed during my studies of elementary French: the pronunciation of the French letters G and J have a reverse pronunciation of the way the English language pronounces those letters. Even now I still mix them up!)

It’s very important learning the pronunciation of letters in order to properly pronounce French words.

I know a lot of these pronunciations have accented letters in them that I haven’t gone over yet, but I will go over accented letters and their pronunciations in the next lesson.

Stay tuned!


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