Aimer vs. Adorer

Aimer vs. Adorer*

Both virtually mean the same thing and are often used interchangeably, but the use of either verb can change the meaning of a sentence.

Aimer: to love; to like, when followed by an infinitive or a noun.

  • J’aime les chats. – I like cats.
  • J’aime Paris. – I love Paris.

Aimer is also used in expressing love. The most commonly used phrase by the French is Je t’aime, which means, “I love you.”

  • Elle aime Jean-Luc. – She’s in love with Jean Luc.
  • J’aime Brigitte (ma soeur). – I love Brigitte (my sister).

Aimer is also used in expressing one’s likes.

  • J’aime cette chanson. – I like this song.
  • Je t’aime bien. – I like you.
  • J’aime assez Eric. – I kind of like Eric.

Adorer: to love; to adore; to revere. This is the strongest way to express love, to regard with feelings of respect and reverence.

Adorer is the stronger of the two verbs, but there is no clear line between the two, just like there is no clear line between like and love.

There are some instances where aimer and adorer can be used interchangeably with each other.

Par example:

  • J’aime ta chemise. – “I like your shirt,” and: J’adore ta chemise. – Which also means, “I like your shirt.”

But then there are instances where you would not use the two in the same context. To express your love for someone, you would always say Je t’aime, and never would you say Je t’adore.

There are more ways to express likes with aimer, but I will dive further into that later on. 🙂

Merci à Katharine R. pour l’aide !

*This is a requested lesson. All requested lessons are given priority no matter where I am in the teaching process.

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